Dr Kate Pearson, criminal psychologist, is the psychological puzzle-solver. She is a woman who tracks criminal behaviour, identifying personality traits, patterns, analysing information from crime scenes and the factors which influenced their creation.

Kate, working with the police, is the eyes through which the identity of the killer is methodically revealed. Not as a means of picking them out from an identity parade, but by understanding the way they work - their needs, wants and desires, finding each piece of the jigsaw -including the world they inhabit, their past, present, and most importantly – their next move.

But who is Kate Pearson? -She is a mother, recently separated from her husband. She is intelligent, an over-achiever and has worked hard to earn her stripes. A woman driven to solve the puzzle, to protect those she loves, and who is more aware than most, that the past forms who you are. Kate has her own secrets and demons, formed long before she ever walked the path of criminal psychology, and ones which will never leave her, until she solves her own jigsaw puzzle.