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Fun in the Gutter

While The Abbey rocked to Major Babs, there was fun in the gutter with THE DOLL'S HOUSE - Sunday Independent....



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YOU Magazine - Irish Daily Mail

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Many things became a victim to my mother’s loss of memory. Names went first and then familiarity with places. Soon something that happened only moments earlier couldn’t be remembered. The day I came to the hardest decision of my life, she had taken a carving knife to a plaster-cast on her arm. She hadn’t recalled falling or fracturing her elbow. She simply had an itch that needed scratching.

The nursing home we decided on was a beautiful eighteenth century building with landscaped gardens, and importantly nurses that could give her 24 hour care. I had hoped she would look on it as a hotel, somewhere temporary, but even back then, standing in the huge hallway, I sensed something surreal about the place. And on every day that followed, as the heavy wooden door closed behind me, so too it seemed did the rest of the world.