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9/10 Novelicious Review of RED RIBBONS

'The pace of the book was spot on, revealing information from the killer’s past bit by bit to keep the reader turning the pages....'


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Red Ribbons gets another 5 Stars!

I loved this book - I was utterly gripped by it. In fact I stayed up very late (much to the irritation of my partner) reading it to finish it last night. The tension slowly builds until I felt my heart was going to beat through my chest as the web starts to close in.


Red Ribbons gets a mention from Joe Duffy

RED RIBBONS gets a mention in Joe Duffy's Column in the Irish Mail on Sunday.


'With the full release of notorious killer Malcolm Mc Arthur this week, crime is very much back in the news. It is also topping our bestseller list with a new psychological thriller by short story writer Louise Phillips. RED RIBBONS (Hachette) has been getting rave reviews, especially for the insight it offers into the emotions of a mother who has lost a child.'


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'A cracker of a  novel - highly recommended - phenomenal debut.'  - Arlene Hunt

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