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Live on Arena RTE Radio 1

If you fancy having a listen in.....Tune into RTE Radio 1 Arena on 14th Sept 7 p.m. - 8 p.m.
I'll be talking all things THE GAME CHANGER!! It will be live, so let's hope there are no slip ups!
Arena 4

The Game Changer - Book of the Month at Easons!!

Some lovely news in, THE GAME CHANGER has been chosen as a 'BOOK OF THE MONTH' at Easons!!!#notlongnow  Any early sightings by way of pics are most welcome!!


Easons Book of the Month

4th Novel for Louise Phillips


Life Magazine The Echo 1

Life Magazine The Echo 2


Life Magazine The Echo 3

The Twins have arrived....

The Twins smaller


The twins, better known as (ARCs - Advanced review copies) have arrived....I am dizzy with excitement! 


You never think when you are arguing with yourself during first draft stage, that it will ever come to this!!