The Game Changer - The End is Near!

I came back from holidays on Wednesday and got straight into copy edits for THE GAME CHANGER. I completed them this evening. The journey of writing this novel has been an emotional one and there were moments when I despaired if it would ever get close to the aspirations I had for it at the start.

A friend of mine read it last week and loved it, and then the copy editor used words like magnificent, gripping, absorbing, compelling, terrifying, saying it was a tour de force, and that love, suspense, atmospheric backdrops, the effects of psychological trauma, and a mesmerising plot, added to it being brilliant. Don't worry, none of this has gone to my head, and like most writers, I will still worry about writing it better, but the end of the process is near and that is emotional.

And, here is the opening quote of the novel ...... 

"When we step into the family, by the act of being born, we step into a world which is incalculable, into a world which has its own strange laws, into a world which could do without us, into a world we have not made. In other words, when we step into the family, we step into a fairy-tale."
G. K. Chesterson


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London Book Fair 2015


London Book Fair 1I was delighted to be invited to the opening ceremony of the London Book Fair at the Olympia Conference Centre, having been a judge on the Irish panel for the European Prize for Literature. 

The Irish Winner will be announced at the end of the opening ceremony and it was an honour to be on the judging panel. 

Shortlist authors are:-

Deirdre Sullivan, Primperfect (Little Island, 2014)

Donal Ryan, The Spinning Heart (Doubleday Ireland, 2012)

Mary Costello, Academy Street (Cannongate Books, 2014)

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ADVANCED CRIME FICTION WRITING - One Day Course Saturday 9th May at the Irish Writers Centre

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This course with Louise Phillips is aimed at writers who have completed an introductory creative writing course and/or are currently writing a crime fiction novel. It will focus on plot development, hot seating your principle characters, incorporating tension and a fast pace into your story, one with page turning quality, and how best to create effective dialogue. There will be a series of workshop exercises, along with a talk from a crime scene professional.

The Game Changer!!


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So here it is at long last!!  Even though it will go through a number of revisions/edits before publication...THE GAME CHANGER (aka Novel 4) now exists with a beginning, a middle and an end...


I will be spending the next week doing a final read through with edits and then life might get back to normal for a little while!!


See you on the other side....