Kim The Book Worm gives RED RIBBONS the Green Light

WOW! What a brilliant book! And what an awesome writer! He never thought that her body would be discovered but the weather conditions scuppered his plans.



She was found lying in the foetal position with her hands clasped together as if in prayer, with her hair neatly plaited and tied neatly in old fashioned red ribbons.


Kate Pearson is a criminal psychologist and is called upon by Detective O'Connor to help to find the killer before he takes another victim. Kate thinks that he'll take his time but just 24 hours later they find another girl missing then find her dead and buried under very similar circumstances. The clock is ticking before anyone else is found.


An important link that could help them is Ellie, who was placed into the care of a psychiatric hospital after she set fire to a caravan with her and her daughter inside many years ago. Nobody had ever believed that she did not kill her daughter until a new doctor comes on the scene and tries to help her.


This book chilled me to the bone! The killer really freaked me out and I found myself putting the book down way before I wanted to one night when i was home alone because he was seriously giving me the creeps! I was a big brave girl though and carried on the next night and then found that even thought it was giving me the chills, I couldn't put it down!


The killer was brilliantly created, scaringly nice to most people he met, meticulous in his mannerisms and odd little ways and really creepy. The feelings that Kate had, torn between knowing that she so desperately wanted to find the killer so it didn't happen to anyone else, yet also knowing that if she spent time doing that it would be to the detriment of her family. The emotions that flooded through me when they interviewed the families of the murdered girls had me wondering how on earth I would feel and what I would do in that same situation which really doesn't bear thinking of.


My heart pounded a number of times while I read this book, my spine definitely tingled, and I felt myself holding my breath on a number of occasions. It twisted and turned and the plot weaved a really tight web and even right up to the last few pages I really had no idea how the ending would pan out. The way that Ellie was connected to these horrific instances was really unexpected and you felt such pity for her in her grief.


I would think its easier to create fear for a TV programme or film as sometimes just the tense music alone could have you scared half to death but to do that with words alone is an awesome skill which this writer most definitely has and uses perfectly ,making the reader shudder with trepidation!


Brilliantly written, this novel has got me wanting to read more crime fiction and I shall definitely be looking to read the next book from Louise Phillips, who I am sure before long will be a household name in this genre.Kim The Book Worm