Latest Goodreads Review - A Killer of a Thriller

In the opening line, Phillips prepares us for the strangeness of an ordinary life which is to become extraordinary. Our introduction to Clodagh brings the reader up close and personal with her. We admire her and want to admonish her in the same breath but the overall feeling is a wish to protect her. The first meeting with the murderer immediately brings us into his mixed up head. Phillips words are sparse and effective. Nothing is wasted. 
Making the spine tingling journey through The Doll’s House with criminal psychologist Dr. Kate Pearson and DI O’Connor, brought me back to their explosive contribution to this author’s first book Red Ribbons. 
I said that Phillip’s debut novel was thrilling; promising a long line of bestselling crime writing ahead. I didn’t lie. This delivers.

Carolann Copeland