Two weeks into publication, and I'm blown away by the book reviews to date!!












"The Game Changer is arguable the author's most ambitious novel to date. Phillips' capacity for descriptive prose is given full expression....A first class crime writer who can really write - One of the best crime writers in Ireland." Irish Independent Newspapers







"The Game Changer isn't your ordinary cops and robbers story. It delves into some serious psychological issues. I couldn't put it down." RTE Radio 1 Arena


"Clever, subtle, yet thought provoking, The Game Changer is one of the best books I've read this year...." Woman's Way




"The Game Changer is absolute top drawer crime writing by Ireland's finest crime writer. Louise Phillips' fourth novel, The Game Changer, is a psychological thriller that really should demand that a lot of other so-called psychological thrillers give up their false identity...."San Diego Book Review



"Great crime writing is about tone, atmosphere and texture. It's not just about story...There is a new generation of crime writers and Louise Phillips is at the forefront of this." Eoin Mc Namee



"You will spend pleasant hours untying the knots of this perfectly tangled plot, and then the real fun starts when you follow the line that leads from the crime to – you."


"Phillips spins the multi-layered mystery of The Game Changer with considerable fluidity. As the narrative shifts from Dublin to New York, from one character to the next, from minor players to major figures in the plot, she never loses sight of the central ruse that draws the reader in…..It’s a thrilling page-turner that will keep you gripped over 400 pages, and have you eagerly awaiting the next instalment of Kate’s police career……" Sunday Business Post




"I was gripped by The Game Changer, enjoyed it immensely. Loved the novel, and fascinated by the cult element. It's great..." Journalist Anne Marie Scanlon



"The Game Changer weaves an intricate mystery involving childhood secrets...all linking to a common denominator, Kate Pearson. Tension builds as secrets unfold.....a cracking read. Phillips is an accomplished stalwart of the crime genre..." The Librarian's Cellar



"A novel of twists, turns and roundabouts...Phillips is not afraid of shocking her readers. Once again, there is murder and mayhem along the bumpy ride. This is a crime writer who leads her readers off the beaten path..." Bleach House Library



"Cross jurisdictional murder, missing memories and a cult all interweaved to create an exceptional in-depth psychological thriller...well-written and if you haven't read earlier books by Phillips, along with The Game Changer, they are highly recommended." Cleopatra Loves Books



"Apart from being a crime thriller, the use of group manipulation as a theme (and indeed, the mentions of how groups in the past were manipulated) was both eerie and fascinating...Phillips' research blended into the story to make this a really fascinating, dark read, and a real page turner." Irish Farmerette



"Phillips' has an incredible writing style and skill which makes you read a book while your heart is pounding and you want to shout at the characters...This book is without doubt a corker..." Kim the Bookworm



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