Writing is a major part of my life, but my love of writing came firstly from my love of reading books. If you are a reader and you have read some of my work, or would like to, then you are giving me the greatest compliment any writer could wish for, the opportunity to share their stories. My hope is that together we can explore many fictional worlds. If you want to keep in touch, please leave your name and contact details below. I thank you sincerely for the compliment and gift of reading.


Making it Real!!
09 March 2018

A lot of work still to do, but this is what I'll be working on for the next 3 weeks!! Strange how seeing it printed out makes it more real! First in the Heather Baxter series!! #amwriting #amediting [ ... ]

23 February 2018

MINDSHIFT – Irish Writers Centre Saturday 24th February 2018!!   This looks like a really informative day at the Irish Writers Centre tomorrow for writers who want to pursue their caree [ ... ]

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